New season,, new FIFA, now better than ever


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Ronaldinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Xavi, Villa, Beckham, Etoo, Messi,... all of them are in FIFA09 waiting for you and your fingers.

This season FIFA strikes back and it offers great sensations when playing it that make the fight versus Pro Evolution Soccer to be the hardest one we have lived until now. If last year we said FIFA lacked on some aspects, this season we have to say that it has evolved a lot and when you play it you feel that the boys of EA Sports have done a great job.

Different modes, all real players and teams, lots of different leagues, on-the-fly control of predefined tactical setups, good graphics, great control,... The realism of FIFA09 is amazing, the learning curve allows a beginner to play well by setting the difficult level in one but if you feel a better gamer, just increase the stars and boast of your skills.

If you like soccer, you need FIFA 09. This year it has been released the first again and it is really better than the previous one, so stop reading this, press the download button, choose your team, prepare your fingers and enjoy this new season.

The demo includes 6 teams to choose from different leagues: France - Marseille, Bundesleague - Schalke, La Liga - Real Madrid, Premier League - Chelsea, Calcio - AC Milan, MSL - Toronto FC and you can play 4 minutes full match.No need to restart the game to play another match.

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